Netfor provides worry-free customer care for business consumers and technology users. Customers engage with Netfor by phone, email, social media and online chat to receive world-class customer service, help desk support, order fulfillment and field services.

Founded in 1995, Netfor supports tens of thousands of customers at businesses in more than 6,000 locations across the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Canada.

Netfor will help you grow and succeed: 

  • A launching point for your career and life goals
  • Gain experience in multiple industries, platforms, and software
  • Help you develop a career path as well as provide mentoring and training 
  • Opportunities to work on special projects with our clients
  • Provide opportunities internally for advancement 
  • Network you with the vibrant business community in Indianapolis
  • Expose you to well over a hundred applications, platforms, and systems across a variety of industries including medical, retail, b2b, etc.